The Lucky Seven


This year we turn 7!! Wheee!! Happy Birthday Tree Craft Diary! πŸŽ‚β£


Every year at this time, I reflect back on how I first started Tree Craft Diary..
Starting small, I purchased materials and basic findings to make jewelry (I am self-taught on this!), which all those stuffs fit into this small toolbox I bought from Daiso. Today I use this box to store only 10% of our chain supply.⁣

I archive some old notes I brainstormed for ideas when picking the name (looks like I have some kind of affair with β€œtree” πŸ˜†) and logo for this new venture of mine. As time goes by, I keep searching for guidance to learn on how to actually run a small business online.⁣


I still had a day job as product designer in Singapore when I decided to give it a try, establishing a brand. After work, I had around 2 hours at night to work on this biz every weekday, and when the weekend comes, I excited to wake up early taking photo on the pieces I made during the week and then listed them online. After three months, I finally got my first sale on Etsy. Coming to the fifth month, I received an interview invitation from GoGirl! Indonesia magazine that they wanted to feature my story and article on October issue on that particular year. Around six months after TCD was set, I moved back to Jakarta pursuing my passion in handcrafting jewelry full time. That was in 2012.⁣

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow, foster, and build the idea that was a mere thought. Without you, it would have remained just an imagination.⁣

In deep gratitude,⁣

garland collage.jpg

I've been making this two meters long stone garland for several weeks and now it is finally finished! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
I choose mint Amazonite, semi-opaque white Agate, green Peridot chips, orange oyster Shell, Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Sandstone, red Coral, Ocean Jasper, Queen Conch and some more charms embellishment to build up this one kilo weight gems garland.⁣