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With passion for handmade craft since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of sharing my hand creations.
I gained a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Industrial Design, then constantly set out to the world for inspiration. Ideas poured into diary while letting my creative juice flowing. Few years later, I took a step forward, eventually turn hobby into full-time biz. In 2012, a label Tree Craft Diary then was born.

By utilizing one of the earth materials – natural gemstone, Tree Craft Diary emphasizes their natural characteristics, embraces the fusion of fashion and nature, thus, creatively crafts them with distinctive attributes to create charming jewelry for individuals who adore unique style.

Like the branches of a lush tree, inspiration never comes to end. I keep growing and designing unique style of jewelry and accessories in contemporary way. Once every few months, I hunt for intriguing findings over the world to add fresh sparks to our latest line.

Most of the creations are one-of-a-kind or made in limited pieces. I believe the unusual beauties speak for themselves. No matter how simple a bracelet is made or how a statement necklace is crafted, by pairing them with your outfit, they will utterly double up your style!

Cindy Kuo
- made by hand, crafted by heart

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