Pietersite Necklace

Pietersite Necklace


Pietersite is a stone with swirling blue, gold, or red color bands naturally cemented with quartz. This triangle shape Pietersite is crafted with Swarovski crystal and titanium Hematite beads on top to reflect the mystic colors occur in the stone.

- Pietersite size: 2.5 cm
- Stone thickness: 3 mm
- Necklace chain length: 18" (45 cm), with 2" (50 mm) extender link
- Stainless steel chain
- Stainless steel lobster clasp closure
- Only one available -

GEM FACTS: Pietersite is a variety of Quartz, composed naturally of Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye and Jasper, and is characterized by an incredible chatoyancy and brilliance of life within the stone. It was a recent discovery by Sid Pieters in Windhoek, Namibia, and is currently increasing in value.

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