Granny Smith Garden Long Necklace

Granny Smith Garden Long Necklace


Moss Agate stone slab in a rare color of light apple green moss, decorated with a green quartz and edamame charm, yellow Citrine stone chips and gold leaves garland.

- Moss Agate size: 4.5 x 7.3 cm
- Stone thickness: around 5 mm
- Necklace chain length: 30" (75 cm)
- Dark green coated brass chain
- Stainless steel lobster clasp closure
- Only one available -

GEM FACTS: Moss Agate can create harmony in your life. If you feel like everything is a mess at work and with your personal life, Moss Agate can help you make sense of things and figure out just what you need to do. This crystal’s energies will inspire hope and trust. It will make you feel confident that even if things are not going well right now, everything will be okay when the right time comes.

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