Brownington Station Necklace

Brownington Station Necklace


Yellowish-brown neutral hue of African Agate stone station long necklace intermixed with yellow mop shell beads, and a Rutilated Quartz piece at the end drawing more enchantment to this easy-to-style jewelry!

- Rutilated Quartz size: 2.4 cm (H)
- Total necklace length: 30" (75 cm)
- Rose gold tone stainless steel connector/chain
- Rose gold tone stainless steel lobster clasp closure
- Only one available -

Rutilated Quartz infuses your body with divine light and energizes your chakras. It strengthens your willpower and motivation. It is a very powerful healing stone, as they carry an etheric or angelic energy.

Agate is the "Stone of Truthfulness" with love and courage as its source. Agate facilitates power with force. Its Ying-Yang effect helps to ease in speaking one's truth and enhances self-awareness, spiritual growth and intellectual balance. Agate stabilizes the physical energy, relieves digestive conditions and cleanses the lymphatic system.

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