Boulder Opal Necklace - Deep Sea

Boulder Opal Necklace - Deep Sea


Natural one-of-a-kind Australian Boulder Opal stone necklace securely sets on hand-sculpted clay, hangs with Swarovski crystal, Freshwater Pearl and a dolphin charm.

Indeed, there are mysterious worlds in an Opal..⁠

- Boulder Opal size: 1.8 x 3 cm
- Necklace chain length: 20" (50 cm)
- Black tone stainless steel chain
- Black tone stainless steel lobster clasp closure
- Only one available -

GEM FACTS: Boulder Opal is opal and rock. It forms in voids and cracks within weathered ironstone boulders in Outback Queensland, hence the name. It appears as "seam" and "matrix" opals, or "nuts", like the famous Yowah nut. This kind of precious opal displays the same brilliance and play of colors than the much better known black opals. The opal veins and layers in the ironstone are usually so thin that boulder opals need to remain on its ironstone host.

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