Alohomora Necklace

Alohomora Necklace


"Unlock the chant, let the time travel begins"..

Necklace: Matte silver brushed finish ball pocket watch with a pair of wings, adorned with Clear Quartz crystals intermixed with silver Hematite stone beads. This pocket watch pendant is closed with lobster clasp on its top, so you can freely detach it especially when battery needs to be replaced in the future.

Bracelet: A simple strand of Clear Quartz crystals with silver Hematite on both ends, and a free-form clock charm attached to complement the set theme.

- Pocket watch diameter: 2.6 cm
- Necklace length: 24" (60 cm)
- Stainless steel chain
- Stainless steel lobster clasp closure

- P.S. Now only necklace available -

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