Purest Frost Bracelet

Purest Frost Bracelet


As pure as the driven snow... Here is a strand of Rock Crystal in its very raw state, connected to matte silver tone cowrie shell ornament and stainless steel chain that never tarnish. It is super easy to match with any color outfit you have, and also looks good by wearing it double layer with other crystal bracelet!

GEM FACTS: Clear Quartz (Rock Crystal) is the "Stone that brings the Energy of the Stars to the Soul". It aligns human energies – thoughts, emotions and consciousness - to the energies of the Universe bringing connection and communication, enhancing the flow of light, love and harmony of the planet. Crystal is the stone most used by healers and spiritual masters to effectively influence spiritual connection and physical and emotional stability.

Check this guide on how to choose your bracelet size.

P.S. You may get similar item as shown in the photo, as the raw shape in each natural stone is slightly different.

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