Ascencia Bracelet

Ascencia Bracelet


Natural dark combination color of Tourmaline raw stone slices intermixed with green Malachite stone beads, and more Tourmaline beads hang together with this pink butterfly charm. Bracelet is linked to beautiful pattern coated steel chain, antique brass flower toggle clasp closure.

GEM FACTS: Tourmaline is known as the "Stone of the Shamans" used as a "telling" stone, to evoke the awakening of self as a spirit and experience oneself as part of the Great Spirit. It is thought to bring healing powers to the physical plane, balancing both the left and right side of the brain, as well as enhancing physical health and spiritual health.

P.S. Tourmaline is the official birthstone of October.
Find out your birthstone in Birthstone Guide page.

Check this guide on how to choose your bracelet size.

P.S. You may get similar item as shown in the photo, as the raw shape in each natural stone is slightly different.

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