The Sound of Salzburg


From Prague, I took a train to Salzburg and fell in love with this city from the first time I arrived the station. Salzburg is widely known as the City of Mozart & The Sound of Music, where every gift shop offers souvenirs that relate to both icons. I had two full days to feel Salzburg, and here are some hot places that I went: Mirabell Palace, Mozart's Birthplace, Mozart's Residence, Mozart Statue, DomQuartier Salzburg, Hohensalzburg Fortress, Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains, Folklore Museum, Museum of Modern Art - Mönchsberg, and Museum of Nature and Technology.

Mirabell Palace & Mirabell Gardens (Schloss Mirabell & Mirabellgarten)

Mirabell Gardens is one of the most important shooting locations from the famous Hollywood musical movie “The Sound of Music”.

Visited three historical Mozart sites in Salzburg reminds me when making "I am Music" collection almost 2 years ago.. 😄 The two museums exhibit all that are related to the Mozart family.

Love Locks Bridge

Beautiful pedestrian bridge over the Salzach connects the old town to the city and is festooned with thousands of colorful love-locks. In summer, there are a lot of handmade items and food stalls near the old town side of the bridge along the river bank.

Hohensalzburg Fortress is enthroned on the Festungsberg, high above the rooftops of the Baroque historical district. It is the biggest fully preserved castle in Central Europe dating from the 11th century.

Hellbrunn Palace has enchanted and amazed us with its trick fountains. A unique experience with water-powered figures and hidden water jets surprised along the guided tour. Behind the palace walls of Hellbrunn, there are meadows, ponds, a big playground, and green spaces invite guests to relax and take a deep refreshing breath. Also, there is the gazebo in which Liesl and Franz sang to each other in the movie "The Sound of Music".

A massive, interactive science & natural history museum, which also offers an aquarium & reptile zoo. There's a huge well-displayed mineral (stone, crystal, fossil) section and I separated a special blog post just for it. I spent hours just to check out all mineral sections, until it was closed 😂. This museum is so fun and interesting! A super recommended place to visit in Salzburg.

In addition, there are a few cute stores in Salzburg that sells Christmas and Easter decorations 😍🎄🐇😍

Coming on, Art in Vienna...