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I'd like to share this informative Jewelry & Power Stone Catalog that I bought years ago In Taiwan. Inside, there are complete articles about the history and gems facts for the 12-month birthstones, as well as other power stones/minerals (in Chinese language). Here I pick up some highlights about crystals to choose for your love life and work/success.

Love 戀愛篇:

  • to highlight your charm 突顯自己的魅力: Pink Tourmaline 粉紅電氣石

  • to increase attractiveness 提高性感度: Moonstone 月光石

  • to tell other the truth 向對方説出真心話: Sodalite 方鈉石

  • to be a sweet talker 想讓嘴巴更甜: Rose Quartz 粉紅水晶

  • to be reconciled (after a quarrel) 想要言歸於好: Aquamarine 海藍寶石

  • to be cheered up after lovelorn 從失戀中振作起來: Rhodochrosite 菱錳礦

Work/Success 事業/財富篇:

  • to avoid mistakes 避免發生錯誤: Malachite 孔雀石

  • to gain success 想要贏得勝利: Carnelian / Red Chalcedony 紅玉碎

  • to maximize your talent 發揮最大才能: Ametrine 紫黃水晶

  • to expand connection 擴展人脈: Amazonite 天河石

  • to grasp the opportunity 把握好機會: Lapis Lazuli 青金石

  • to accumulate wealth 累積財富: Citrine 黃水晶

If you missed my previous post, here's another book about Rocks & Minerals I've shared before.. ;)

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