Collection: Christmas in the Garden

This year, let’s celebrate Christmas in a hidden garden full of miracles and magical creatures, where the love bloomed and bloomed and every one of us is presented with a secret surprise gift 🎁

[ Christmas in the Garden ] - a fresh and brand-new collection I designed for this Christmas, inspired by my last working vacation (participating in a handmade fair abroad) in Korea. In spite of working, I also spent times to enjoy some natural places which the trip then inspired me to craft to this garden idea. 🌿


In this collection, I used many leafy chains to mimic the lush garden, enchanting creatures such as Tinkerbell, the Reindeers, dearly Santa and other Christmas-related decorations which adorn in different kind of stones and crystals.

I hope the item series - Christmas in the Garden will bring you joy and happiness, not only during Christmas time, but also keep and cherish it all the year. I am sure there is magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us. 🌟



First FIVE customers who shop any item that falls in [ Christmas in the Garden ] series will get this FREE cute 'lil fancy hanger! Don't miss this chance! Be hurry and pick your favorite now! 🎅