Brand New Studio


Marking the 6th anniversary of Tree Craft Diary, we moved to a brand new studio!


I still remember when I first started Tree Craft Diary in Singapore 6 years ago, all equipment fitly stored in just one small toolbox. Six months later, I moved back to Jakarta and the table in my bedroom was my working desk. Things got so packed that a year and a half after, I moved to a shared office room and began nesting happily there, working day and night. Year after year, my inventories getting larger and clearly the space is (again) getting smaller. My working desk barely had enough space to breath... 😅

Until a month ago, after returning from material hunting which apparently a lot more new stuff coming in... I thought hey I think it's time for a larger space! Luckily there is an empty room in the house that I can use. So I planned the room layout, picked wall paint colors, went to IKEA back and forth, and with some help from my parents, Tree Craft Diary brand new studio is now ready for action! Yuhuuuuu!!!


I am pretty sure I'll get more creative and inspiration working here! XD



A part of raw stone & crystal collection from all over the world which been collected for nearly 6 years


My favorite painting illustrates Jeju forest scene by a Korean artist who lives in Jeju Island


So what do you think of Tree Craft Diary studio? =D