Autumn in Seoul


In this diary I'm going to write a quick recap of my Seoul trip in autumn 2017 for my personal record, but of course, you are very welcome to read through and enjoy every pic of them!

Seoul Fashion Week

It was a bright Saturday and also the last day of 18S/S Seoul Fashion Week, which is held two times a year in DDP. The venue was packed with people, Korean, foreigners and visitors, always crowded, but it's interesting to feel the vibe and see all well-dressed fashionistas gathered, and photographers hunted for perfect model shots. 📸 This was my third times visiting Seoul Fashion Week and never get bored to see what's new in the world of fashion.


Not far from Seoul, Lucia and I went to Paju 파주 by bus and it only takes about 40 minutes. Paju Book City is a cultural complex entirely devoted to the creation, publication, merchandising and sales of Korean books. See how amazing with the number of books they have!

After that, we went to Heyri Art Valley 헤이리 예술마을. Korean artists of various field of work such as writers, painters, actors, architects and musicians constructed the cultural town of Heyri. Within this community, there are residences, workrooms, art galleries and museums. Paju is also a popular filming location for a number of K-dramas, music videos and movies. In fact, there was a drama shooting going on in a coffee shop when we were strolling around the village.

White Table Art Fair

Our friend, Mr. Jang Hyeong Sun 장형순 just released a new book "Arus on the Hill" 언덕위의아루스. He is a paper model artist with numerous years of experience. I see a child with full of great imagination inside Mr. Jang that allows him to create the strong character of Arus. During 10 days, he exhibits his works in a pop up show - White Table Art Fair, along with other beautiful creations of Korean artists.

Other artist's works that caught my eyes are the photo gallery showcased by Mr. Kim Dae Nam 김대남, a Korean photographer whom 6 years ago came to Yogyakarta and took over 100+ pictures of "Pos Kamling". He said: "There is no such post in Korea, it is something different yet interesting". He even filed up the history and origin of Pos Kamling. At the other day, we visited his gallery in Bang Bae, and when I listened to his story about his trip to Indonesia, I know he loves Indonesia people and our culture.

Ilsan Lake Park

Autumn in Ilsan Lake Park 일산호수공원 is really amazing! 🍁🌾🍂 It was a super windy day when I arrived in the late afternoon. There is a small size Rose Garden as part of the park (big size is in Million Rose Blossom Garden in Bucheon), so I took the advantage of these beautiful roses and did a mini collection shot for these new druzy necklaces. Love how the colors match each other!


Stone 303 Studio

Was just intended to visit and take a look at friend's studio in Gangnam area, Choi In-ho 최인호 from Stone 303 who is a professional scene & stage photographer, ended up I have some new prof pics to choose now haha! 😆 I surely had a great time in your studio!


I think autumn is the best time to travel to South Korea. The above slideshow explains it all! Together with my artist friends Ahn Yun-hye 안윤혜 & Yun Sang-ji 윤상지, we went for a one full day healing tour to Damyang 담양. We booked a bus tour departed from Seoul and took us nearly 4 hours to Damyang. Here are the 3 major tourist sites that we visited, plus that yummy Tteokgalbi lunch! ㅋㅋ

1. Metasequoia Forest 메타세콰이어 숲 길
2. Bamboo Forest 죽녹원
3. Gangcheonsan County Park 순창 강천산

Seriously incredible to see the trees and leaves in autumn color hue! 🌳🍂🍁